…And the unemployed shall be employed, and t…

…And the unemployed shall be employed,

and those of the banking and creditor class shall get offeth my back. Yay verily.

Or at least that’s how I hope it’ll go. I had my first job interview in a donkey’s age today and it went really well. The interviewer was really friendly and we hit it off right away. They want me back tomorrow for an aptitude test and possibly a second interview so things are looking good.

It is retail sales again but I’m not going to complain too loudly. It’ll pay my bills on time and give me some extra money that I can put towards destroying… uh… I mean bolstering… (yeah, yeah that’s the ticket) the world economy. And hey, it’ll be the computer department, or as I like to call it… THE TOY STORE!!! So I’ll be set for gadgets galore.

*does the hopefully happily employed dance*