In other news… The job offer may have fallen …

In other news…

The job offer may have fallen through. I was told they would call me back either later Saturday or on Sunday, but it’s now Tuesday and I haven’t heard anything. *sigh*

I gave them a call earlier today to check to see if there was anything going on and I’d missed it but they’ve yet to return my call so I’m guessing I didn’t get the job. *sigh*

Damn, I really wanted this one too.

And in other morose news, it seems like no one is bothering coming to the site anymore. There’s been an extreme drop off in hits (and subsequent poll votes) ever since I changed the layout around. I guess people either don’t like the new look, or just can’t be bothered anymore.

I guess this is bothering me on some level because I’m always grumpy when I come to check the site and see if anyone has voted or even if my hit counter has moved. Call me pathetic but I guess I like to know that people enjoy coming here. I need that validation that I’m doing a good job and that my hobby is appreciated.

Bleargh. And to top things all off, the damn weather is getting me depressed as well. It’d be nice to see something other than a 10°C (50°F for you philistines) day filled with: ________ (insert and combination of the following: Solid iron grey clouds, Fog, Rain, Wind)

I’d just like to have a couple more 20+°C days to enjoy.

Blah… Anyways, that’s enough moping for now. Later.