Project: Bigmap – Day 2 I haven’t been working …

Project: Bigmap – Day 2

I haven’t been working on this as much as I’d like because I’ve been coding on my webpage for the past few days. I decided on a whim to up and change the layout and theme and so my efforts have been elsewhere. Anyways, here are two pics from the second day of effort. The first pic doesn’t show the detail well but I reworked the coastline of the lower left continent (there isn’t a big bay on the top right side anymore), I added one small island above the continent and started working on the lower left side of the primary continent as shown in the second pic.

If that made sense to you, congratulations. For 1000 bonus points, tell me what the scale of the map is.

Project: Bigmap – Day 1 Welcome to the wonderfu…

Project: Bigmap – Day 1

Welcome to the wonderful world of trying to keep yourself occupied while you’re looking for work.

This week’s diversion is that I’ve decided to take one of my old gaming maps for my D&D Game and transpose it onto a big ass piece of paper.

I figure that I can bore you all with some details and pics of my progress.

First we have a shot of the 1st incarnation of the map. Hand-drawn sometime in 1992ish on a standard 8½”×11″ piece of paper.

Then there’s a shot of the 2nd generation of the map. The basic coastline was done using Campaign Cartographer on an 8½”×14″ piece of paper and then the highlights were sketched in with pen and ink.

Here’s a shot of the 2nd map together with the future big map for size comparision. The large piece of paper is roughly 36″×26″ (3’×2’2″).

And finally, here’s my the results of my first day’s work. I wasn’t working on it for a full 24hrs obviously, but it what was accomplished between one day and the next.

I’ll keep you up to date with my progress. Buh-bye for now!

Okay… and now for something completely different…

Okay… and now for something completely different

I’ve always taken a fair amount of flack from my family over getting my life together, getting a job, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. This last year and a half it has probably gotten more prolific as I’ve been out of work and not really “productive” in their eyes. My days have either been spent in front of the computer or just lounging about.

The thing is… It doesn’t really bother me what everyone says. To me it isn’t really that I can’t do the work or that I haven’t found a job/career that I’m happy with. To me it all comes down to the simple fact that I am where I want to be in life. And I’m with who I want to be with. I found that person that I wanted to go home to after a busy day of work. I found the person that makes going to work worth coming home from. I found someone who can love me, play with me, give me shit, call me on my shit, and everything else that gives this whole mindless experience called life meaning. Basically I found someone I can enjoy, love, and respect.

This is the point where my life grows from now. This is where decisions are made that life is built on.

I just know that it’s not about doing it, it’s about who you’re doing it with. I am with someone who is right there with me and makes everything I do possible. If it wasn’t for that, I would never have bothered.

Basically what it comes down to is this… In no uncertain terms. I love my wife more than anything else in the world (Except for maybe cheese, but that’s a whole other ball game). I just wanted to take the time out of my unbusy day to share that with the world.