5 thoughts on “Discuss

  1. Discuss what?

    It’s Da Vinci. He drew the guy both flaccid and erect.

    It emphasizes the golden mean. What else did you want to talk about?

  2. ok here’s some questions bouncing around in my head: why are his feet facing a funny direction? It’s not exactly aligned with his torso. Why isn’t the composition of the drawing centered, ie: the square in the middle of the circle. Is it proportional to his range of reach? How come he looks so pissed off? Is it cause he doesn’t want to be modeling for a guy artist or did he loose a bet? But most mysterious to me is the thing he’s wearing on his right arm (viewers left). What is that thing? A bracelet, watch, time travel devise??? Who knows. Ok so less discussed and more introspective rambling but hey it’s the thought that counts. Personally I think the model was one of the first Time Lords and well we all know the earlier ones weren’t exactly your jovial type so he’s all P-od because his devise popped him into the wrong century…

  3. Well, only his left foot is facing a funny direction, and if you were standing on a circle, your feet would look funny too. The square and circle thing is part of the whole golden mean thing. He looks PO’d ’cause of the naked guy standing behind. And the thing on his wrist is a time travel device, but he’s not a Timelord, he’s part of the same group that Captain Jack Harkness belonged to, the Time Agency from the 51st century. Although, if that’s the case, he wouldn’t be PO’d about the naked guy behind him. Maybe he’s PO’d that the guy behind him is flaccid….

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