Craaaaaaaaazy Taxi!

Or at least that’s what the roads feel like out there. We’re having a wonderful little dose of freezing rain this morning. The temperature was around -3 or so and the car was covered in a nice rime of ice. The roads were alternately wet and slick with black ice which made driving tricky but managable if you know what you’re doing. Sadly though, Texans, for the most part, do not know how to drive in them.

Idiots were everywhere on the roads this morning. I had a bunch of twits riding my bumper practically the whole way along my journey and I saw no less than three accidents with police on the scene. Only one looked like it was fatal but as they were all on the other side of the highway I didn’t get a good look or bother to stop and gawk (like so many others were). Sadly they probably all would’ve been prevented if people knew their stopping distances and wouldn’t drive like fricken eejits.

It’s warming up slightly now and the rain is staying wet rather than freezing but come tonight it’s going to get absolutely nasty on the roads. Especially with the half-wits on the road.

Oh to be in Canada where people actually know how to drive in this shit. *sigh*