A Saturday Night @ Elrond’s Place

Why hello again intarwebs. I see we’re still on speaking terms. How the hell are you?

Okay… Obviously I haven’t posted in awhile. Haven’t really had much to say. The baby is still gestating (we’re somewhere near the 18 week mark now) and all is right in the world.

So rather than bore you all with the mundanity of my life I have decided to waste your time with this amusing little gem of a gif that I found online.


Saturday Night @ Elrond's Place

Coming Late To The Party… Again

So I stumbled upon another gem of a webcomic tonight and I’m amazed I hadn’t discovered it sooner.  It’s a brilliant amalgam of storytelling and art in a world reminiscent of a very trippy Alice in Wonderland. I can’t wait to read more because the story arc looks like it’s just beginning to unfold.

In the meantime I suggest you take a look for yoruselves and bask in the glory that is Kukuburi