I Can Haz Laptop!

And my toy arrived bright and early this morning. Thankfully my dog likes to bark at the doorbell or I wouldn’t have heard the courier, but I did and I now have a fancy new toy. Yay. I’m currently upgrading the software and tweaking it to remove as many traces of Internet Exploder that I possibly can. Firefox all the way baby!

The speed of this thing is glorious. Copying my whole 10GB of songs on my ipod amounted to a whole 5 minutes as opposed to the hour or so it took before. This rocks. Now I am sitting here, getting comfortable with the keyboard layout and downloading all the mail that I’ve received since I last had a functioning computer back in September. Anyone care to take a guess as to how many messages that I have (not including deleted messages and spam)?

No, higher than that. I now have a total of 2887 Messages in my inbox since Sept. Go me!

Anyway. I need to start patching WoW. That will sadly take all afternoon using Blizzard’s useless updater. Oh well. I’m back online. The little things like that don’t bother me at all any more.

*happy dance*

Twitching The Night Away

So here I sit, hopefully for the last (or at the very least the penultimate) time at this keyboard on this crappy computer waiting desperately for my own new toy to arrive. I keep hoping that it will arrive soon. For the past two days I’ve gone to work hoping that I’d come home and there it would be, exhultant in all it’s glory but have been disappointed both days. Tomorrow perhaps is what I keep telling myself. I hope it’s here before the weekend though so as I can spend time setting things up and then come Monday on my day off, I can actually play on it.

Can you tell I was never any good at Christmas?

Anyway, since I’m bored and trying to amuse (read distract) myself from my lack of computational goodness, I’ve been surfing the web randomly looking for things to amuse and delight.

Tonight I came across this fun little article and accompanying photo that paints an interesting picture about Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica. I guess this means I need to hurry up and finish watching season three. I have one more disk to go and then I’ll be a whole two episodes behind by the time my comp gets here… but thanks the the wonders of modern torrent sites, I’ll be able to catch up on them (and Doctor Who) soon enough.

On that note, I’m off to stumble around the web some more looking for something shiny to distract and amuse me.

G’night for now.

A Miscellany

Just a brief and mindless couple of comments tonight as I’m sick as a dog and nursing the mother of all colds.


Snot should not be virulent yellow. At least I have two days off to enjoy my NyQuil. Yup, it’s green death fucking flavour. *grin*

Err, anyways, before I go off on my Denis Leary Nyquil homage I am happy to announce that my Laptop shipped today… about an hour ago actually according to my email, so here’s hoping that come monday morning I have a shnazzy new toy to play with. I don’t have a shipping # yet though so I can’t obsessively track it to find out where it is and when exactly it will get here.

In other news… WTF?!?!? Honestly, just WHAT. THE. FUCK?

Also Here are some hillarious muppet bloopers!

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Look Out Intarwebz… I’m baaack!

Well, sort of… or at least I will be soon.

After many long months I have finally fixed my computer woes.

*does the happy dance*

While I’ve been slowly buying pieces for my desktop over the past couple of months, I’ve kept running into the inevitable problem of bills creeping out of the woodwork and generally not having what I need when I need it… Okay, okay. The $400 dollar spending spree on Books, DVDs and CDs last month didn’t help either but that’s not the point. Well, maybe it is, but I’m just going to move on and hope no one calls me on it. *grin*.

Anyway. I’ve been rebuilding the desktop when I can but I’ve been eyeing a decent laptop more and more as the days go by. They’re just as powerful these days and I’ve always wanted one in addition to the desktop because it would give me the mobility to write and game anywhere.

This past weekend I decided to do some window shopping and did the usual “Dream computer builder” on the various sites out there and realized that what the hell. They’re a good deal. I can afford the monthly payments, let’s see what they have to offer. Long story short, I should have my fancy new Dell XPS M1730 by mid month and then I can still rebuild my desktop and then at some point I’ll be able to Dual box WOW and can finally justify having two accounts *grin*.

There is much rejoicing… and I only owe a little tiny bit of my soul. I can’t wait for my digital joy to arrive! I am such a geek. Go me!

I’ll include the specs under the cut for those of you who’re interested. The rest can just assume the post ends here *grin*

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New Job… New Gaming Rig

Heh, I wouldn’t be me if the first thing I did after working today, wasn’t immediately start pricing out gear for my new computer.

It may take me about 3 or 4 paycheques to accomplish the basic setup and another 2 or 3 to get it exactly where I want it but this is what I’ve come up with so far and now I have a goal. Muwhahahahahah!

The Basic Rig is as follows:

And the Advanced Rig will be as follows.

  • Upgrade the processor to an Intel Extreme Quad Core 3.0 Ghz Processor
  • Increase the Ram to 4 or 6 GB (or all the way to 8 if I can find it cheap enough)
  • Add another HD and put them in a RAID 0 Config. 2 TB of space!
  • And of course get another Video Card and Crossfire link them.

Beyond that. The next upgrade will be a 20″ widescreen HD monitor and eventually either a Blu-Ray or HD compatible DVD Rom (depending on whichever product wins that war – though I suspect it’ll be Blu-Ray). After that… it’ll be laptop time… and I’m seriously tempted to shell out the $ and get me an Alienware rig… either that or one of the World of Warcraft XPS ones from Dell.

I’m even tempted to pick up an OEM copy of Vista *shudder* when I grab the CPU just so as I have it.

And now, I’m off to dream of electric sheep…. So I guess that means the answer to Phillip K. Dick’s question would be yes.