Dodging a Bullet

Well, I had Jury selection this morning… and thankfully didn’t get picked. YAY for dodging a bullet! I’m quite glad that I wasn’t chosen because the trial was to last all next week and I wasn’t too thrilled with that idea. Besides that, and more importantly I probably wouldn’t have been chosen anyways because I wouldn’t have been able to stay unbiased due to the nature of the trial.

While I’m not a big fan of the whole jury process it was simple enough and I’m glad it’s there. Sure it’s inconvenient but in the end it serves the greater good. It also gave me a chance to sit beside a rather hot blonde during selection. She was chosen and I wasn’t.

Anyways. I must go for now. I have a lunch date with a rather attractive young woman of my accquaintance that I can’t be late for. Also my laptop battery is waving the red flag at me so I should go. The first reason is far more important. *grin*