A Miscellany

Just a brief and mindless couple of comments tonight as I’m sick as a dog and nursing the mother of all colds.


Snot should not be virulent yellow. At least I have two days off to enjoy my NyQuil. Yup, it’s green death fucking flavour. *grin*

Err, anyways, before I go off on my Denis Leary Nyquil homage I am happy to announce that my Laptop shipped today… about an hour ago actually according to my email, so here’s hoping that come monday morning I have a shnazzy new toy to play with. I don’t have a shipping # yet though so I can’t obsessively track it to find out where it is and when exactly it will get here.

In other news… WTF?!?!? Honestly, just WHAT. THE. FUCK?

Also Here are some hillarious muppet bloopers!

Yes. I’m well aware that that wasn’t a blooper. You have in fact just been Rick Rolled and can hopefully now understand my twitter comment. If you still don’t quite get it. I direct you thusly.