Wheee Snow!

Well, it’s now the 22nd of April and as of today we’ve seen nearly 40cm of snow since Saturday. Of course with the wind that means it’s drifted up to twice that in some places. It’s absolutely crazy and even as I type this it’s still snowing outside. Driving to work tomorrow morning is going to be absolutely hell. Joy. Apparently people are incapable of remembering how to drive in the snow even though it wasn’t that long ago that we had some. I am reminded daily that people are idiots!

I was looking forward to spring with such enthusiasm especially when temperatures last weekend were hovering at +20°C and then it turns around and drops to -9°C with a -10° wind chill. Guh. I was ready to take my bike out of storage, give it a quick tune up and find some puddles to splash into but I guess that will have to wait until this crap all melts. Here’s hoping that’s soon. I really need the exercise.

Alright. I was going to stay up and watch a movie while I did a load of laundry but my eyes are drooping so I think I’ll just forgo that until tomorrow.