The Blog In Review…

I’m going to make what will most likely be my final post for 2007 into an opportunity to sum up this blog for the year. The highs, the lows, the bad spelling and grammar. In essence: The good, the bad and the ugly.

Here goes:

“I babbled frequently and meaninglessly on a vast number of topics that ultimately only interested a few very deluded individuals.”

That sounds about right to me, now on with to the details.

The biggest change for the blog came in May when I made the switch from Blogger‘s internal software which was poorly integrated with my own half-finished website to the WordPress program. While I never had any major problems with Blogger, I just was looking for more functionality than it was able to provide. I haven’t regretted moving since despite the fact that I lost most of May through August’s posts (but that was a hosting issue and not a WordPress one). The biggest benefits I find are the constantly growing number of plugins and gizmos that you can integrate into your page as well as the dearth of exceptional themes that you can easily apply to your site in a moment’s notice.

I managed to post more entries more frequently during the year, especially during the latter half, though this is somewhat misleading as my original posts from May through August were summarily et by a wandering Intarweb Jabberwock and no records of them have yet surfaced so I must concede that by this point they’ve most likely been sacrificed to the æther. Needless to say, I’ve posted more frequently and, more importantly, with what I hope is more gravitas (I’ve been waiting for a good couple of months now to work that word into a sentence. Yes, I’m a word geek! Sue me.) so I like to think that my blog is finally beginning to mature. This in itself is somewhat shocking as I’ve been rambling and going off on my website in one form or another since at least 2000 (though the blogger archives only go back to 2002). Does it really take 7 years for a blog to become “mature”?

Perhaps my maturity (or lack thereof) has contributed to the increase in readers but I suspect that it is primarily because I’ve stopped hiding the blog from search engines and actually allowed RSS feed links to it. Essentially I’ve gone public. Just one more 0 on the information datastream.

Seriously though, the readership of the blog has increased by at least 3 people total — *WAVE* — with my daily average hits going from 4-5 per day all the way to 20-25 per day. This often spikes higher if it’s on a day I actually make a post. I also managed to get my highest number of page views/hits ever on December 24th with 143. Yay me! I’m optimistically aiming for a 500+ day in 2008 but I’m happy enough with whatever I get, even if it does drop back down to the 4-5 hits per day.

The photo gallery has become the most popular page by an extremely large margin despite the fact that it hasn’t been up very long and there aren’t many pictures there yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some more pictures up soon to placate the rabid stalkers amongst you. I’d like to say that the Poll was as popular, but as my last 3 polls had a total of 3 votes each I’ll have to disagree. I really wish more people interacted, but hey, you can’t have everything now can you. I’ll just have to think up some more interesting polls in the future.

Most people are arriving from one of the following three places: via a direct link to the site, they link hop from Jon’s blog, or they get here via the feed on Facebook. Yeah Jon, you outrank Facebook, scary isn’t it?

Canada is still the place to be with the US, Japan and the UK rounding out the top 4 countries of viewer origin.

The rest of the statistical info is of no real interest to anyone but me so I won’t bother posting any more of it and shall just wander off wondering why someone would do a search for “porn fable” and just what all it would entail.

“… and as the harvest moon hung low in the sky over the mythical land of Tit-tay, the nubile village nymphs would descend to the communal pool and begin the sacred breast stroke in the cerulean waters…”

Errr… maybe I should just go to bed.


4 thoughts on “The Blog In Review…

  1. Is there a way to make the cookies on your site reset with each new Poll?

    I have to reset my cookies to vote, something I don’t want to do with the number of passwords/whatnots I have on here, but the last three polls have all shown up automatically with the results, with no voting options on my end.

    Therefore: Lazenby (except for that one line on the beach at the beginning of the movie.)

  2. Odd, every time I post a new poll it resets it for me and I don’t have to do anything. Nevertheless, I’ve tweaked it somewhat and hopefully it will work for you in future. Keep me posted.

    I also took the time to log your vote.

  3. Bah. I’m not gonna let that Kiwi win, but my fair play genes won’t let me manually tamper with the answers.

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