Site Update

Those of you that may have run into the maintenance frontpage over the past week or so will be happy to know that I wasn’t in fact just pissing around or amusing myself by showing it off (again). I was actually quietly fiddling about with the website, working on the backend and trying to get a few ornery plugins up and running properly. Now that I’m finally comfortable that they’re working at least somewhat correctly, I figured I should go ahead and mention them.

I’ve added a little random image generator to the right showing a few images from the new Gallery page that you can now get to via the navbar at the top of the page or immediately to the right.

I’m not 100% satisfied with the theme integration between the Gallery and the Site but I’m not really going to worry about it too much at this point. It works well enough for now and once have the time, I’m go snoop around in the code and see what I can tweak (read: break horrendously) in the hopes that I’ll make it look better. In the meantime, if you stumble across any problems in the layout or whatever just let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

At this point I don’t have that many pictures uploaded namely because I’m a lazy bugger, but also because most of my pics are all trapped on a “failed” hard drive that I need to see if I can recover without reformatting it. I’ll update what I can, when I can. Until then you can suffer with pics of my dog.

Other than that, I’ve also added a couple of different stats programs just because I’m a nosy bugger and like to know where you lot come from. You can see the results from one of them on the far right hand side. The rest are only visible on the backend so there’s no point in mentioning them.

There are more changes as well, but everything else that I’ve been fiddling with is going to remain undisclosed until such time as I have something useful to say about them. Mainly I need to get everything properly integrated into the site with a working theme that I like and that is consistent across the board. There are a few other things they need as well, but there’s no point in me talking about them if you can’t see them. Check back later if you’re not one of my “Test victims” helping me out.

Hrrm, since I’m in a fiddling mood I might as well ask. Is there any additions or plugins to the site that I don’t have that you guys think that I should have? I’m curious.

On that note… G’night for now.