Another Giggle

I blame Saint Neil for this one and I’m going to blame Saint Zod as well just because I can.

Neil Before Zod

3 thoughts on “Another Giggle

  1. I’m actually disappointed in the lack of response (or viewership) this post has received. Damn you all for having no taste. Terrance Stamp is your God! Kneel before him!

  2. Oh, I’ve giggled at it like five times now, but I had seen it via The Neil, so I had nothing to say.

  3. I figured you had so I wasn’t expecting a comment from you. I was more commenting on the lack of traffic the post directly had which I found odd. Though in hindsight I suspect that may have been because the comic was on the main page and the tracker only tracks direct hits to the post (such as leaving a comment or following the rss feed link). Such is life.

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