A Miscellany of Interestingness

It’s Thursday… okay it’s now really early on Friday morning but bear with me, I started this damn post when it was still Thursday and that’s what counts right? <crickets> Well it does here sonny jim so shut the hell up!

Here are a couple of links that I stumbled across in my wanderings tonight. Hooray for random link hopping. It gets you to the most interesting places.

First up we have the ever so grammatically incorrect yet amusing flash calculator that will calculate your current age in real time. I suggest fiddling with the settings and see how old you are on The Moon, or Pluto or using a Galactic year as the Calendar. It’s somewhat educational and fun at the same time. Woot!

Next up we have an interesting little timepiece known as the Earth Clock that calculates all sorts of good news and spits rainbows and sunshine at us… okay it’s kind of depressing, but at the same time morbidly fascinating. Enjoy and stockpile whatever you need accordingly.

Both of these little gems were found on the oddly named Poodwaddle.com website. Don’t ask I have no idea why it’s called that. I’d rather not know.

Moving right along, we have some good old fashioned Star Wars brilliance.

Someone decided that it would be cool to build a 21 foot tall X-Wing replica, strap on a solid fuel engine with 1700 lbs of thrust and see if it could fly. All for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. Some guys just really need to get laid more is what I’m thinking but their abstinence is your joy. It’s a brilliant plan that suffers from one major flaw. The X-Wing is NOT an aerodynamic beast by any means and while it theoretically could fly fine in a vacuum, atmosphere is another matter as the video in this link will show. Poor, poor Porkins.

X-Wing Launch

And on a similar vein, here’s the launch of a Y-Wing Bomber from the same day. It suffered the same ultimate fate, but managed to stay aloft a little longer and while not as large as the X-Wing, is certainly just as impressive. Plus it has a couple of seconds of in-flight movie footage that they salvaged from their “black box”.

Y-Wing Launch

Last but certainly not least. Here are a couple of thoughts to sum up:

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5 thoughts on “A Miscellany of Interestingness

  1. Grrr!
    Embedding shockwave crap is a pain in the ass cause WP wants to autoformat the code and won’t space things properly. *sigh*. It is what it is I guess.

  2. Fun fun. I like the two (apparently very frustrating) thoughts at the bottom.

    I would suggest that neither the X-Wing nor the Y-Wing were designed to take off in quite that manner, so that’s the only reason they failed: we lack the technology!

    And I’ve been alive for almost a billion seconds. That’s cool.

  3. Yes but I’m of the opinion that even taking off on a runway in the manner of modern aircraft would still exert enough shear force on the wings and lasers on their leading edges to rip them apart in much the same way.

    Now I’m sure there is some manner of anti-grav VTOL systems installed but meh, I’m not going to argue the fictional schematics of non-existent ships because while I’m a geek, I’m not THAT much of a geek.

  4. Well, I’m enough of a geek to point out that we saw the ships use their fictional VTOL abilities in the first Star Wars film.

    But that’s all I’ll say.

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