The Magical Musical Mystery Test Post

Okay I’m going to try something new here. Let’s see if this works.

Here’s some music that I’ve been grooving to a lot lately. Let’s see if this podcast/player plugin type thingy actually works. If it does, I MAY, and that’s a big maybe, get really drunk one day in the near future and record an actual audio blog podcast type thing. If I can find my camcorder’s firewire cable, it might actually be a video podcast.

Aren’t you scared now? I know I am.

At any rate, this is just a test to see if the player works. *crosses fingers*


5 thoughts on “The Magical Musical Mystery Test Post

  1. interesting, I think I’ll have to hear it a few more times to fully decide if I like it…but I’m leaning towards liking it, maybe. (I’d like it more, if I had a pony to listen to it with)

  2. There, I added a couple more of their songs for you to listen to and enjoy…. and you will enjoy them, or leave my page with your ears bleeding. Choose wisely now 🙂 (Think of the ponies)

  3. Ooh, fun. Whacky. Crazy.

    I think I like them, too.

    Or, I like the first two, but I didn’t enjoy the third as much, though it does get bonus points for using “malaise” as a lyric.

    Are they Irish?

  4. What!?!? You don’t like Vince? But he’s so loveable!

    They’re Scottish. Do a search on Youtube for some of their videos and a few other songs. I recommend Chelsea Dagger, Flathead and Baby Fratelli. But they’re all good,

    C’mon how can a band named after the bad guys from the Goonies be bad?!?!?

    (of course the big question is… what is this going to do to my bandwidth consumption. It’ll be interesting to watch)

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