Enough Already!


Okay. I know a lot of you have been asking how the job-hunt goes and how life is treating me in general and to date I haven’t given anything more than vagaries for the simple reason that I tend to play my cards pretty close to my chest when it concerns my private life. I don’t really plan on changing that anytime soon either. If I’ve told you how things are going, then you’re in my private circle of hell and you get to share my marshmallows. The rest of you — let me put this as delicately as I can — bugger off already!

I honestly do care that you’re interested, but you all need to back off about 100 yards and let me get on with things. I don’t work well when I’ve got an audience looking over my shoulder. I certainly don’t need numerous daily pokes and messages on facebook and as many emails all enquiring about the same things. Here’s how it is: Things suck. I’ll manage. Moving on.

But because I know some of you won’t be satisfied with that answer let me give you a visual demonstration as to how my life is these days and perhaps you’ll actually take my advice for once.