The Holy Grail Of Movie Props

I was sent an article the other day that posed the question, “What is your personal Holy grail of movie props?”. I can’t find the article anymore or I’d link it, but they went on to do a top ten list of their favourite movie props. Some of the author’s favourites included Indy’s fedora, the crystal ball that David Bowie used in Labyrinth, the rug from The Big Lebowski, the umbrella gun from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and Vader’s lightsaber. Quite a few people added their own favourites in the comments. It was a rather interesting and eclectic mix of the old, the new, the obscure and the familiar. There were cult favourites and one hit wonders. All in all an interesting little list. So interesting in fact that I started thinking about it myself and came up with my own list of my favourites. Here they are in reverse order. Continue reading “The Holy Grail Of Movie Props”