Random Pics of the Amazing Connor Dog

One of the girls my mom works with is one of those people whose dogs are their children and they spoil them rotten. The other day she went out and got our dog a tiny little donkey shaped stuffed toy that sounded that made a very forlorn noise when it was squeezed. Connor didn’t like it at all. He kept thinking he was hurting the toy and didn’t like it one bit, so we took the squeaker out of the toy and gave him back the donkey. Within 5 minutes the donkey was in shreds and he was chasing the cotton batting around like the goofball he is.

Undaunted after hearing about this, my mom’s friend decided to send home another toy. This time it’s a stuffed boar a little over a foot long and it oinks like a pig. This time she hit the nail right on the head as it’s Connor’s new best friend. He pines for it when you take it away. If you put it in a closet and close the doors, even if he isn’t anywhere near you when you do, he’ll sit outside the closet door and whine until you open up the closet and get him his toy. And once he gets it he romps around the house like a madman.

Here’s some pics of him being his goofy arse self.