Forsooth! That’s not a small Astronomical Body!

I was re-reading my copy of Allan Moore’s most enjoyable tale about about an extraordinary group of gentlemen and ladies, one might even go so far as to call them a league, the other day and it piqued my interest in all things steam punk and gothic once again and I have been on the prowl all over teh intarwebs looking for interesting gaslight tales, pictures and such-like. Today, out of the blue I stumbled across this little gem of a site where someone dreamed up the idea of what Star Wars would look like in the Victorian era.


Random Earworms.

My iPod is currently wearing out the Arctic Monkeys song, I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor. Damn that tune is fun and addictive. You all must listen to it.

Are You Watching Comfortably?

Yes, the punny blog titles continue! One of these days I might actually bother to get a wit of my own instead of borrowing from the collective gestalt that is modern society. Anyway, thanks to Jon’s knowledge of things man was not meant to know, I have delved into the depths of the Needcoffee site and unearthed their Dream cast for Watchmen.

While I still haven’t formulated my own ideas of a dream cast, here is theirs for your enjoyment. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions of their own. Obviously John Ritter is out due to his untimely death a couple of years ago. Who else does that leave us with?

Dream Cast:
The Comedian – Stacy Keach
Rorschach – William H. Macy
Hollis Mason (Nite Owl I) – Jack Lemmon
Nite Owl II – John Ritter
Ozymandias – Cary Elwes
Dr. Manhattan – Jeff Goldblum
Silk Spectre II – Cathy Moriarty
Sally Jupiter (Silk Spectre I) – Ann-Margret
Moloch – Martin Landau
Dr. Malcolm Long – Ernie Hudson

Dream Crew:
Directed by – Terry Gilliam
(taken from the Archives

And if you haven’t read the Watchmen yet… I call you PHILISTINE and shall now go get the old hag from The Princess Bride to scream ephitets at you until you do.

Who Watches… The Trailers?

WTF?!?! Where the hell was I when this happenned?

Apparently there if you watch the 300 Trailer there is a “subliminal” blip at 1.52min That has a still of…

Wait for it…

I said wait….

… Rorshach from The Watchmen?!?!?!?


This so better not suck monkey balls like all the rest of Allan’s screen adaptations have (despite me being partial to V for Vendetta and League for all their flaws). I so want just ONE of his books to translate to the screen properly and respectfully AND be successful both critically and commercially. I know it won’t change his mind about the movies and all that, he’s too much of a crazy neo-luddite for that to happen, but he does deserve it after all of his other works have been butchered so thoroughly.

For those of you who’re wondering What the living fuck I’m talking about

I direct you thusly.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

And finally Exhibit C which is just a large uncropped version of A.

I’ve no idea on the cast but they damn well better get Jeff Goldblum for Doc Manhattan. If they don’t it would be analogous to not casting Patrick Stewart as Professor X.

My mind is awhir with dream cast speculation… I wonder if I can find that list of dream cast for movies that was in dev hell. Jon, help me out here, I’m sure you’re the one who showed it to me back in the day. I think it was on TooMuchCoffeeMan or something but I’ve slept since then.

And in other Fanboy geekdom alert news. T-Minus 7 DAYS Till season 3 of Doctor Who! WOOOT! Well officially in the UK at any rate, but that damn well won’t stop me from accquiring the personal viewing rights from an alternate source (aka teh intarwebz!). I’m gonna go build me a K-9 in the meantime and in between time.

Remember. …. shit what was that again?

Hey Jon

Hey Jon,

Had you seen this at all?

I just picked it up the other day and it’s… odd. I love Fabry’s art in general but for some reason this just seems out of place, like it doesn’t quite fit the story, or probably more accurately, my perception of how the story and characters should look. It has a very Transmetropolitan/Invisibles vibe about it and while cool in their own rights, just doesn’t seem to fit. Now, that being said I haven’t read it yet so it may all just be a first impression type of thing and it’ll all come out in the wash.

If you’re curious, that’d be Door on the cover? More looks like Ragged Robin to me.

It’s Thursday!

For some unknown reason, Thursdays have traditionally been the day I put up links to useless shite I find on the intarweb rather than my usual witty repartee. I don’t even know how or why I started doing that. I’m sure there was some site that I was initially pulling my crap from that updated on Thursdays and it just sort of became a tradition that I’d save up my useless links until Thurs and spam you all at once.

And as I’d hate to ruin a tradition here is today’s meagre fare, culled from the depths of Youtube.

Yes. I am easily amused. Hey! Just be glad I’m not posting links to bad 80s music videos. Trust me, I could quite easily drive away the two readers I have left! Don’t make me pull this blog over!

In other news, I’ve got the next week and a half off. I’ve had the past week off as well, but have really been too sick to enjoy it. People keep asking me if I’m going anywhere? The simplest answer is nope, don’t have the money and don’t really want to. The more correct answer of course is “further in and higher up”1. I’m just taking time to recharge my batteries and such. Plus it’ll give me some much needed time to fix my car, get new contacts, cut my hair, see a movie or two and read some. If I’m lucky all this recharging will even get my creative juices flowing again.

Anyways, It’s 10 to 4 in the afternoon. Showering and laundry are on the immediate menu and then perhaps afterwards I shall indulge in a quick game of clean up the room. Or if that fails to hold my interest (which I have little doubt on), I shall retire to this comfy chair and plumb the depths of teh intarweb looking for more crap to spoonfeed you next thursday.


1 Cite my source and win a prize.

Things I didn’t know…

My new video card requires 2 power plugs or it doesn’t work. *boggle*

In an age when microprocessors are getting smaller and smaller by the second, I’ve got this monster arse video card. I swear this thing will process Godzilla sized effects. I forgot to take a pic when I was putting it in so I can’t show you a comparison but trust me, it’s about twice the size of the old one.

Now this thing better work in fixing my problems, because I ran my ram test when I plugged it all back in and everything is green, so if it screws up any more, it’s either the mobo, or the game…

In the meantime, I can now play Oblivion with max settings with nary an eyeblink of lag. GOGO Me!

Random Pics of the Amazing Connor Dog

One of the girls my mom works with is one of those people whose dogs are their children and they spoil them rotten. The other day she went out and got our dog a tiny little donkey shaped stuffed toy that sounded that made a very forlorn noise when it was squeezed. Connor didn’t like it at all. He kept thinking he was hurting the toy and didn’t like it one bit, so we took the squeaker out of the toy and gave him back the donkey. Within 5 minutes the donkey was in shreds and he was chasing the cotton batting around like the goofball he is.

Undaunted after hearing about this, my mom’s friend decided to send home another toy. This time it’s a stuffed boar a little over a foot long and it oinks like a pig. This time she hit the nail right on the head as it’s Connor’s new best friend. He pines for it when you take it away. If you put it in a closet and close the doors, even if he isn’t anywhere near you when you do, he’ll sit outside the closet door and whine until you open up the closet and get him his toy. And once he gets it he romps around the house like a madman.

Here’s some pics of him being his goofy arse self.