So, I have just heard the news that the powers that be from New Line Cinemas have decided to exclude Peter Jackson from the directorial role in the LotR prequel, The Hobbit.


Stupid idiot wankers who can’t get their collective heads out of their collective arses!. Honestly, who the hell else would you get to direct it? It’s a given. He made you 940 bajillion dollars on the other 3 movies, and you don’t want him to make you more money on this one (probably because he’s suing you currently for a few of those aforementioned bajillions but hey, what’s a few made up numerical figures between colleagues?)

All court case bad blood aside (and from what I’ve read, there isn’t any bad feelings from Peter), I can’t see anyone else who would have the proper scope of vision and passion to direct this. Gah! Right now I can honestly say that there is a very very absolutely strong chance that it’ll be Shite. Yeah, I know that that’s overreacting somewhat, but I stand by my conviction. I may change my mind if/when they announce more details, but I’m seriously hoping for an about face from New Line on this one. Idjits!