Happy Americans Get Fireworks Day?

Okay… so suppose I’m a bit crass for not wishing my esteemed hosts, known as the non-canuckians, a happy Fourth of Jelember (You’ll have to ask my dad where that month fits in the calendar, just run if he starts the tale with the words “So I met this man on the way to the circus…”). Errr anyways, “Happy You Get To Blow Shit up With Fireworks Day” to all you Crazy Americans out there. Hope you don’t get yer weenies roasted in the process.

And speaking of blowing shit up…

I think Andy, the Mad Scientist/Creative Genius from over at Casey & Andy said it best with the following:

NASA will blow the shit out of a comet today! They like to look at it as science. I choose to see it as the first time in human history that a ballistic weapon was fired from a spaceship. My way of looking at it is WAY cooler.

Remember my motto: Any experiment that leaves a crater is a success. And this experiment is actually INTENDED to leave a crater. I could KISS those guys!