A Work Of Art

I stumbled across this interesting link earlier today after randomly link jumping through various blogs and livejournals. It’s an interesting face morpher java applet that takes an image you provide and morphs it so you can “theoretically” see what you’ll look like in 30 years or whatever. It also has some neat artistic morphs such as what you’d look like as a Botticelli painting or Manga cartoon.

I didn’t overly care for the Age/Race/Gender versions of the crappy picture I uploaded but the artistic morphs were quite cool.

Here are some pics.

The Original Image (note this is about a 3 years old):

Me As A Japanese Manga Character:

Me As A Sandro Botticelli Painting:

Me As An Amadeo Modigliani Painting:

Me As An El Greco Painting:

The things I’ve learned through this.
– Firstly, I’m a creepy looking manga character. As long as I’m not starring in Overfiend though, I think I’ll be okay.
– Secondly, Botticelli thinks I’m fat.
– Thirdly, I really need to morph a more recent image and see how it looks and what’s changed.(If it looks cool enough, I’ll post the changes).
– Fourth and finally, the El Greco pic is my personal favourite because I look like a young Peter O’Toole which definitely rocks me right down to my socks. Once I clean up the image some, I am definitely going to use it as a replacement for the little wizard icon currently residing in the top right corner of the blog. It’s just that damn cool. Look Ma! I’m a work of Art!!!

Speaking of cleaning up the images. Sorry for the crappy quality with all the extra whitespace. These were just hasty screen captures I took and imported into MSPaint because I was lazy and in a hurry. I’ll clean them up with a real program later tonight and repost them.

EDIT: Fixed and fixed.

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