To Sleep… Perchance To Dream Right… I’m off…

To Sleep… Perchance To Dream

Right… I’m off to bed. My eyes are finally starting to glaze over. I didn’t get done half of what I had planned to do tonight due to the fact that I apparently threw out a bunch of semi-important papers a few weeks ago that were filled with notes for my D&D campaign. Of course this was what I was planning on doing tonight. So instead of furthering the project, I had to start over again.

Note to Self – CLEANING = BAD!

Oddly though, I still have about half of the notes that weren’t thrown out, so maybe, just maybe, I’ve stuffed them somewhere and can’t recall where and they’ll turn up when I least expect it.

Anyways… my productivity is flagging as the bed is finally summoning me. Hopefully I’ll be back before noon and will still have enough of a creative spark to recreate/finish what I started tonight.

G’nite, G’morning or what G’ever.