I am evil Homer! I am evil Homer! Okay. Not rea…

I am evil Homer! I am evil Homer!

Okay. Not really, but once you get that chant stuck in your head I will be. grin evilly

In other news, my favourite writer, Neil Gaiman, won his legal battle against Todd McFarlane over the copyright and creative ownership of certain characters from the latter’s Spawn comic book.

Personally, this is great news. I know McFarlane is a fellow Canadian and all, but he’s an arrogant and egomaniacal self-serving prat who couldn’t create a decent story if his life depended on it. Neil got the recognition that he greatly deserved and I hope he takes Todd to the cleaners. I also hope that Neil will regain the rights to the Miracleman comic (as that was part of the original contract dispute between Gaiman and McFarlane) and we’ll once again, see that hit the light of day sometime soon.

As for Toddy-boy, I think he regularly needs to be kicked in the nuts just for the sheer pleasure it would bring to those doing the kicking. C’mon, Think how much fun it’d be to watch him writhe around in constant pain and agony. I know I’d pay good money (ie. the Multi-coloured Canadian kind as opposed to the monochromatic green US crap) to line up and give him the boots. Wouldn’t you?