A Mid-Week Serenade

Due to the help of my ever-faithful henchman Igor and through the super science of blog necromancy I bring to you, from the very edge of death, my somewhat regular postings about music and such.

Yes, it has been awhile. I have to say that I have a decent excuse this time. I managed to land myself in a very healthy and happy relationship with a girl who puts up with all my eccentricities and foibles with good grace. She also managed to watch me type that with a straight face so I guess that’s saying something.

As you can imagine, it’s eaten up a lot of my time. Not only do have I a new girlfriend but I also lucked out and landed myself a promotion at work and am now the Store Manager. Not the acting or fill in or temporary, the bona fide, hardcore, my will be done, what is thy bidding my master, Boss of it all. So yay for me. When I’m not working or dealing with work I’m with the GF and her lovable two year old daughter so blogging has fallen by the wayside. Perhaps once we’re settled in the new apt, I’ll have more time… Yeah yeah. wishful thinking. I know.

Anyways. I’ve had this song stuck in my head for awhile now. It’s simple. It’s sweet and I like it. It’s Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T’s.


Sunday Night Serenade

Okay, so it’s no longer Sunday night, or even Sunday at all but I’m still going to go ahead with a brief music post about a new band that I was introduced to. I’m wholly going to blame my friend Tamara for introducing me to them. Hooray!

That band is Ludo (named for one of the characters from the movie Labyrinth) and the song that I’ve been hooked on is Love Me Dead.

It’s quirky, and catchy and fun and amusing. Plus the “finger-banging my heart” line keeps getting stuck in my head. I’m such a sick fuck. I love it.

Ludo – Love Me Dead

Anyway, it’s middle of monday afternoon so I shall cut this post short so as not to distract you from or intrude on Mark’s Mellifluent Monday posts.

Sunday Night Serenade

Just a quick one tonight folks. I’m exhausted so I’m not even going to bother saying much beyond the fact that I like this band and I think you should too.

They’re a little Canadian indie band that go by the name of Metric.

I first heard Monster Hospital last year and did the usual “Hrrm that sounded good. I wonder what their other stuff is like?” So far I haven’t been disappointed. Here’s a brief selection of their work. Hope you like them as well.

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Sunday Night Serenade

Okay, it’s time once again for the dulcet tones of me babbling endlessly about music… or at least you can pretend it’s me babbling until I finally gather up the cahones to actually record a podcast version and let’s be honest, that might take some time. At the very least it won’t be until I get my computer fixed (which, based on my current monetary prognostications, will hopefully happen by the end of March).

Anyways, on with the show… such as it is.

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Sunday Night Serenade

Aha! I’m back.

Before you gasp in amazement and awe that I’ve I actually managed to follow through on this silly little music review idea, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I am in fact writing this post barely 5 minutes after I posted the last one.


Yes, I’m cheating and working ahead. I don’t feel bad about it at all. Magazines do it all the time as they publish a month in advance, as to most webcomic artists. It’s called building a buffer and working ahead of your deadline. It’s probably a good habit to get into but for the moment, for me at least, it’s still just an amusing trompe-l’œil. Am I live or am I Memorex? Yeah, I’m easily amused. Does it show?

Alright, on with the show before you all decide to travel back in time and lynch me.

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Sunday Night Serenade

On a bit of a whim I’ve decided to start a semi-regular feature here in the Chronicles. I’ve decided to burble randomly about the songs and music that I’m currently grooving to. I plan to run the gamut here and post both old stuff that I’m still obsessing over after all these years (expect a fair bit of early Hip), as well as new stuff that I’ve stumbled across or have been introduced to recently. The plan is to try and post actual songs when and where I can and YouTube videos where that isn’t possible and then to sound off with my usual acerbically humble opinion about the song(s)/artist or whatever crosses my mind while listening.

I can’t promise it’ll be legible, critically useful or even newsworthy and you’ll even take your chances with how regularly I end up posting but I figure I’ll give it a try for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. Who knows, my rabid gerbil brain may pull a Kiki and get distracted by something shiny before I even get around to a second post and we’ll never… err where was I?

Oh yeah…

The plan is to post every Sunday, or possibly Saturday, night as indicated by the title of this entry but we all know how I am with deadlines. I subscribe to the Douglas Adams worldview on them.

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

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