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Protected: Story Excerpt

Because some of you, Jon specifically, have been nagging me to get on with this tale already I decided last night to buckle down and write through my lack of creativity. This isn’t as long as they other sections, or it wasn’t when I wrote it, typing it seems to have increased it exponentially though. I suspect that has a lot to due with the fact that there is a lot of dialogue. I’m not normally comfortable with my dialogue, but I think this works well to further the relationship between Emma and Owen.

We pick up shortly after we left off in the previous excerpt

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Minor Gaming Update

For those of you who’ve been wondering what all I’ve been doing with regards to my little game world I have two very minor updates for you. The rest of you can probably just go ahead and skip this post… or better yet, just get bent. 😛

First up, I’ve updated the temporary world map in the section to the right. It’s still just a photo of the map rather than a proper scan but through the miracle of photoshop, I was able to overlay and roughly label some of the landmarks, countries and notable features which will hopefully flesh it out somewhat until such time as I can get a proper scan done.

As I’ve commented on before, I’ve had a living bitch of a time getting the individual sheets scanned and ported properly due to the previously mentioned scanner limitations, so much so that I’ve essent...

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