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Time Well Wasted…

You ever get the feeling that time, that arbitrary, ephemeral concept just sort of exists to piss us the fuck off?

I mean honestly, if it weren’t for time I’d be happily ensconced in a book without a worry in the work. Or perhaps I’d be scribbling words on a page, forging headlong and onward in the novel in my head. Instead I sit here, Stumbling and typing this trying to wind down from another exhausting day when I could be happily sleeping next to the woman of my dreams…

Actually ya know what… fuck you lot. I’m going to bed. This post can wait.


(But in the interim…. The Trailer for “The Men Who Stare At Goats” is good. Watch it.)

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Protected: Story Excerpt

Because some of you, Jon specifically, have been nagging me to get on with this tale already I decided last night to buckle down and write through my lack of creativity. This isn’t as long as they other sections, or it wasn’t when I wrote it, typing it seems to have increased it exponentially though. I suspect that has a lot to due with the fact that there is a lot of dialogue. I’m not normally comfortable with my dialogue, but I think this works well to further the relationship between Emma and Owen.

We pick up shortly after we left off in the previous excerpt

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