World Map

Here is a rough scan of the most up to date hand drawn map that I have (and I do mean rough). I do have a slightly more accurate Campaign Cartographer version on a different computer but I currently don’t have access to those files so this will have to suffice until then.The map is full of inaccuracies but hopefully it will give you a general sense of the game world. There are quite a few things that I need to expand on, modify and correct (most of the illegible pencil marks you see on the page) but for the most part everything is where it should be with only a few omissions and changes.

This map depicts a snapshot of the northwestern corner of the predominant continent (similar in size to XX on Earth) along with the corners of two others: Jotun, which is the southern tip of an Australian sized landmass that extends across the Northern pole; The other larger, currently unnamed continent in the Southwestern corner of the map is similar in size to XX.

As it stands I don’t have an official set scale for the map. I am continually changing the scale as I play with ideas and distance. Right now, the unofficial scale is roughly 1″ = 500 miles (though that will probably change). That puts the distance between Southern Perianor and the Hlin jungles at approximately 500 miles (roughly the same distance between Marseilles and Algiers) and the distance between Dhabara and the Sea of Dust at 750 miles. It also makes the body of water that divides the two primary continents similar in size to the Mediterranean Sea on Earth.

If you can’t comprehend that, just simply think of the world as being “large” and leave it at that.

The Continent of Tarsere

Update: 01-26-08

Here’s a quick snapshot of a new hardcopy map that I’ve inked out that expands on, and slightly modifies, the previous one (shown above). It gives more continental definition to all three of the major landmasses, and should give you a sense of scale of the world as a whole. The map has been very hastily labeled to give you an idea of the lay of the land and what all lies where. Right now I’ve marked in the major countries and notable features so you should still be able to pick out bits of the original map with relative ease.

The Expanded Continent(s) of Tarsere

(NOTE: To give a sense of scale, the original map above was printed on a sheet of 8½” × 14″ legal paper. The new map covers four sheets of 11″ × 14″ paper)

The scale on paper is 1 cm = 175 miles