Realm Of Tarsere

The Realm of Tarsere is a (somewhat) generic role-playing game setting that I have been hand-crafting over the past fifteen years or so. It is a vast and unique world cobbled together from the ephemera and bits of fluff that constantly orbit my brain. While ostensibly a Generic Fantasy World, it has it’s own history, species, culture and depth that (hopefully) enable it to stand out from the crowd.

In it’s infancy, it was originally designed using the GURPS third edition rules by Steve Jackson Games and it borrowed heavily from outside source material (I won’t go as far as to say it was outright plagiarism, but it was close). By the time Dungeons & Dragons was revamped to it’s third edition, the setting had been reworked a number of times, weeding out the outside sources in the process and was able to take on a unique life of it’s own. I partially adapted it to conform to the D&D rules for one campaign (with the intent to do more) but the idea stalled as D&D progressed inexorably into version 3.5 and my personal distaste for the system resurfaced.

The idea lay fallow for quite some time as life interfered and I had other priorities. When the GURPS rules were recently updated to their fourth edition, I took the opportunity to dust things off again and started to bring it up to date using the new rules. I’m using the copious ideas that I’ve accumulated over the years along with all my notes from the previous versions to make this the most complete version possible

I intend for this to be the definitive adaptation of the setting as well as the last time I update the rules (beyond any subsequent updates to the GURPS system). While I have played, own, and enjoy (much to my chagrin) the new 4th edition of D&D, I highly doubt I’ll make a version for any other system in the forseeable future. I honestly have my plate full with what I have in front of me.

For more information about the setting, rules or history please feel free to wander over to the Realm of Tarsere homepage.