Incarnations of Immortality

I’ve always wanted to be immortal. To live a long and varied life and witness history unfold has immeasurable appeal to me. While the “Highlander” style of immortal where there can be only one does have it’s boyish charm, I’d much rather just live. Unfortunately things are not so. We only get a short span of years in the grand scheme of things.

Sometimes though, that can be enough to create your own little bit of immortality.

Sometimes you get lucky and get to pass alongĀ  a little bit of yourself to the next generation.

That, my friends is true immortality.

So without further ado, may I introduce my contribution to planet earth.

First Look 05-05-09 (10 wks)

We’re only 10 weeks old here, but we’re definitely making our presence known.

No we don’t know the gender and we don’t want to know but yes we do have names chosen for each… and you’ll just have to wait until my birthday in November to find out.

Cheers for now folks.