Obligatory Renovation Update

So I’m going to try and resist posting a plethora of updates about my games room renovations. I’d rather just show the end result when that comes about and be able to contrast the before with the after. I feel it’ll have more impact.

As it stands now, we’re still in the demolition stage, though we’re pretty sure that we’ve torn everything up that we need to and barring a few small tweaks here and there we should start the actual construction right away… well, once we do another dump run or six. Hard to believe one room can generate so much garbage and construction waste.

Things are moving forward mostly. Tam and I keep dickering about small moves overall. We’ve developed a euphemism to describe a purely cosmetic move that will generate more work for very little return on investment. We call it the 8 inch rule.

Anyways. Here’s some WIP photos. I’ll likely not post any more until the end.

Back Corner Facing the Future bookshelf/secret door

The cream sheet over the doorway will be the bookshelf with the secret door in it. The area with the yellow box will be framed in roughly in an L shape towards the wall behind the easel. The wall also has to come down and be repositioned closer to us to allow access to the water heater. The stack of subfloor in the center of the room is roughly where the gaming table will fit.

From the bookshelf looking towards the window

The bulkhead above the insulation is coming down (see below) so it can be minimised. The bags of insulation is where my painting station is going. The insulation is going on the walls…. obviously.

Tearing the old bulkhead down

See, told you it was coming down. Initially the frame that is still there was going to stay but based on the shape of the ductwork we will have to work around it was easier to tear it all down and start fresh.

Yes, I moved it all by myself. It came down easily, all in one piece. I may not be an engineer but I understand the principles of a lever and a fulcrum well enough.

Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth.


That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll let you know when it’s done.