I’m Batman!

I shall refrain from excessively commenting on my lack of posts. It’s become too repetitive really. The TL;DR version is: Computer broke and life happened. Moving on.

Bringing you up to speed from my last post to this one is as simple as this: Healing from gall bladder surgery took about a month to be truly back to my old self. I got fed up with Mark’s as they weren’t giving me the promotion that I’d been trying for. Got a new job at Target as of this past February as a Hardlines Team Leader and have been loving it ever since. Kids are growing like weeds. Wife is as hot as ever (despite her belief to the contrary). About the only thing that hasn’t gone overly well is that as an unwanted and somewhat inconvenient after effect of my gall bladder surgery back in September, I have some possibly damaged vocal cords that make me sound like I have a permanent case of laryngitis. Think of Christian Bale’s Batman. That is essentially how my voice sounds on a regular basis, except that I can’t project over any distance with my voice. Other people have described it as I sound like Patti & Selma from The Simpsons. I’m going to go with Batman… He’s far cooler.

While it doesn’t hurt, it is definitely damned inconvenient, especially when you work in a retail environment that sort of requires constant conversation.

On the plus side, I recently got around to having a doctor look at it and the guess is that there is a lesion of some sort on it and now I’m waiting to see a specialist soon to properly diagnose and treat. I know some of you are wondering, why the hell I didn’t get it seen sooner than this if my surgery was last September. Simply put, I got lazy and the aforementioned “life” happened. It didn’t hurt and I kept thinking that it would heal on its own. It hasn’t and I finally got around to doing something about it.

And that brings you up to speed on my life for the time being. Now carry on with your lives and I’ll carry on with mine.

If you do come back, I will promise to have fixed all the dead and dying links on the sidebar… Meh, who am I kidding, They’ll get done when they get done… aka eventually.