Your Door Is Ajar

Or is that your Jar is a door? I never know anymore and right this second I’m more than a little drunk so I don’t rightly care (and won’t apologize for any inonsistencies or smisspellings_).

Tam and I decided recently to budget our finances and start saving for a decent house and our trip to Rome (yeah forgot to mention we’ll be in Rome this time next month… WOOOO!). To that end we went shopping for some nice “jars” to decorate and use as our budgeting means. We’re not going to use our b edit or credit cards at all… or as little as possible and all our expesnes are run out of the jars. SO far it’s been an interesting experiment and I like the challenge that it presents.

Hopefully it’ll be a beneficial experience and we’ll be able to smash our collective debts into tiny pieces! Yarrr. As it is, I’m just glad that we’re both able to approach the whole monetary issue with rationality and without any of the problems that plague a lot of other couples. Hooray for getting lucky in that regard.

Wheee. Well this post was supposed to be longer but I’m now 3 shots behind and already feeling ti so I do believe that my irish arse is logging off to go drink itself into bed. WHeee!


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