4 thoughts on “SPOOOOORE!

  1. Going to Miette or Banff? Or further afield?

    Personally, I love Miette, better than any of the BC ones with perhaps the exceptions of the natural ones and Ainsworth. The rest – meh.

  2. Radium is pretty good, if commercial. I think I know the one at White Swan – it’s by a road isn’t it?

  3. Sort of. Just south of Fairmont is a gravel/hardpack road that leads to white swan lake. It’s a windy little bugger of a road and great fun to do at 11pm at night *grin*. About 17km in is the turnoff for the Springs, then you just walk 5 min down a path and the springs are right there by the riverside. There’s three of them of varying temperatures. Pretty cool. Great romantic spot. Definitely not a family place… unless you’re looking to “start” one. About the only downside is the somewhat strong sulfurous smell but you get used to that pretty quickly.

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