Girlfriend is Better

While I tend to keep my private life private and rarely comment about it here on the blog, some things are just too good not to say something about.

Much to my continued shock and amazement, I have a girlfriend. I’m quite thrilled with this. I wasn’t looking for her and she sort of just fell into my life like a vibrant, chaotic whirlwind of energy and beauty and I’ve been hooked since the moment I met her. To paraphrase Monty Python, “I chose her out of thousands. I didn’t like the others. They were all too flat.” *grin*

Her name is Tamara and she is perfect for me. She is strong where I am weak and together we’re a happy whole. I could wax poetic about her all day but I’m sure none of you would care to be poisoned by that overly saccharine sweetness so I shall refrain… at least in this post. I can’t promise that in future I won’t burst out into bad verse or compare her eyes to limpet pools of loveliness so consider yourselves warned.

They say you should always end on a high note. They also say that pictures are worth a thousand words. Personally, I feel that number falls far too short when describing her. I’ll let you decide for yourselves.


My Tamara

4 thoughts on “Girlfriend is Better

  1. Wow. If that was restraint from saccharine, I’d hate to see you unleashed.

    Twitterpation is always a good time. Enjoy it.

  2. So you found yourself a girlyfriend eh congrats. So does she game lol cuz we’re moving to Ed and leaving our Gaming group behind 😀

  3. She’s not opposed to it and would love to try it but is a tabletop rpg virgin. She does however play Munchkin and loves anime. We so have to get together when you two get back.

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