Sunday Night Serenade

Okay, so it’s no longer Sunday night, or even Sunday at all but I’m still going to go ahead with a brief music post about a new band that I was introduced to. I’m wholly going to blame my friend Tamara for introducing me to them. Hooray!

That band is Ludo (named for one of the characters from the movie Labyrinth) and the song that I’ve been hooked on is Love Me Dead.

It’s quirky, and catchy and fun and amusing. Plus the “finger-banging my heart” line keeps getting stuck in my head. I’m such a sick fuck. I love it.

Ludo – Love Me Dead

Anyway, it’s middle of monday afternoon so I shall cut this post short so as not to distract you from or intrude on Mark’s Mellifluent Monday posts.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Serenade

  1. Ha! It’s not like I’ve been posting much lately anyways.

    Ludo isn’t particularly to my taste but the lyrics are highly amusing.

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