Dodging a Bullet

Well, I had Jury selection this morning… and thankfully didn’t get picked. YAY for dodging a bullet! I’m quite glad that I wasn’t chosen because the trial was to last all next week and I wasn’t too thrilled with that idea. Besides that, and more importantly I probably wouldn’t have been chosen anyways because I wouldn’t have been able to stay unbiased due to the nature of the trial.

While I’m not a big fan of the whole jury process it was simple enough and I’m glad it’s there. Sure it’s inconvenient but in the end it serves the greater good. It also gave me a chance to sit beside a rather hot blonde during selection. She was chosen and I wasn’t.

Anyways. I must go for now. I have a lunch date with a rather attractive young woman of my accquaintance that I can’t be late for. Also my laptop battery is waving the red flag at me so I should go. The first reason is far more important. *grin*


… And We’re Back


Yay, I don’t have to wade through 10 months of archived posts trying to salvage things. It looks like my web host actually came through and found my missing sql databases. Hooray! Still no clue what all happened but right now I’m happy enough not to care and can now continue blissfully in my sporadic postings of deranged enlightenment.

In other news, I managed to see Iron Man yesterday. I figured I’d get it out of the way before Indy hits. It was good, but there were times that Robert Downey Jr.’s performance was just a little over the top and it grated ever so slightly. Still a great adaptation and it sets the stage for the sequel and the addition of Rhodes as War Machine. If you have the chance, I highly recommend seeing it.

Hello Intarwebz

Hey there computer and internet.

It’s been awhile now hasn’t it? Yeah, I’ve been fairly busy too. Life apparently does happen while you’re busy making other plans. That John Lennon guy hit the nail on the head with that one didn’t he.

What have I been up to that’s been keeping me so busy you ask? Well, among a plethora of things, work has been kicking my ass on a regular basis and when I’m not working I’m hanging out with friends. Who knew that having a social life would be so demanding and draining. Oh well, I don’t mind. I’m having fun. Unfortunately the world isn’t producing any more hours for me to do all that I want to so until my time management skills improve somewhat and I can multitask at a competent level, some things (like hanging out with you two) will have to fall by the wayside. I know you understand, you’ve got other people to see and play with so it’s all good. I’ll be back when I can guys.


In other words… Life is good. I’m busy folks. I’ll blog again if and when I can. In the meantime, you must learn to live without my witticisms and enlightenment for a tad longer.

Patience grasshoppah. Patience.

Sunday Night Serenade

Okay, so it’s no longer Sunday night, or even Sunday at all but I’m still going to go ahead with a brief music post about a new band that I was introduced to. I’m wholly going to blame my friend Tamara for introducing me to them. Hooray!

That band is Ludo (named for one of the characters from the movie Labyrinth) and the song that I’ve been hooked on is Love Me Dead.

It’s quirky, and catchy and fun and amusing. Plus the “finger-banging my heart” line keeps getting stuck in my head. I’m such a sick fuck. I love it.

Ludo – Love Me Dead

Anyway, it’s middle of monday afternoon so I shall cut this post short so as not to distract you from or intrude on Mark’s Mellifluent Monday posts.