A Bit of Mindless Fun

Well, it’s been a fun weekend. The novelty of having a computer again still hasn’t worn off. I’m surfing randomly and trying to rebuild my bookmarks and links while also playing catch up with the sites that I haven’t had access to in the past 6 months. It’s bliss, glorious bliss.

Of course, once I had a working computer again one of the first things that I did was… no, not porn you dirty minded buggers. No, I downloaded the last couple of episodes from this season of Doctor Who! Yay geeky me. It was glorious.

Next was to go through all the fun and stupid links that people sent me.

I’m blaming my friend Tamara for these ones.

First up is a mindless little flash video that gave me a giggle.

Next up is Tokyo Plastic. An odd little Japanese site filled with modern and digital art. It’s not so much a website but an experience. Explore it, it’s rather unique and interesting.

There’s one more link that I can’t find at the moment that I really must share. it’s someone’s breakfast, ham and eggs and toast and bacon, transforming into a mecha like robot and dancing… it’s hillarious. When I find it I will post it. Until then, just imagine the cheesey goodness of that idea in your head.

That’s all from me for now. Back to surfing for cool schtuffz0r.