In sickness and in…

… Well, just sickness really.

I’ve been nursing the mother of all colds over the last few days and I absolutely feel like death warmed over. My tonsils and adenoids are all swollen up and I could barely swallow this morning, let alone talk. Last night my nose started dripping like a faucet and is now rudolph like in it’s appearance from all the constant use of kleenex. Thankfully I haven’t started coughing up a lung yet *knock on wood* though I suspect that’s the next thing on my plague checklist. Guh.

Just Guh I say! I hate being sick. I haven’t had a decent written thought in about a week now. It sucks though I’m trying to soldier on.

And despite all this I’m still fully functional and can (and will) be working tonight. This is why I hate being sick probably more than anything. I’m never completely knocked flat on my ass with a cold and I never call in sick. Damn my work ethic. Dammitalltohell.

On the bright side my computer is being built and is due to arrive on the 15th, and I have a friend who informs me that they usually get things out a week before the estimated ship date so I may get lucky and have some electronic goodness and joy by next week. Here’s hoping at least. It’s something to look forward to. Then I can stop using this piece of crap with it’s gestapo firewall and internet blinders and actually be able to visit sites that I haven’t seen for 6 months.

I really hate firewalls. Actually no, check that. I really hate other people deciding what I can and cannot view online.

Okay. I do believe it’s time to jump in the shower and take some meds before work. Guh… video store on a friday night when you’re sick… just shoot me now.