Coming Late To The Party… Again

So I stumbled upon another gem of a webcomic tonight and I’m amazed I hadn’t discovered it sooner.  It’s a brilliant amalgam of storytelling and art in a world reminiscent of a very trippy Alice in Wonderland. I can’t wait to read more because the story arc looks like it’s just beginning to unfold.

In the meantime I suggest you take a look for yoruselves and bask in the glory that is Kukuburi

If Your Life Was A Movie, What Would The Soundtrack Be?

Alright. I haven’t done one of these silly memes in awhile now. Going to place the blame fully on Christine for this one. Besides, placing the blame will totally distract everyone from my eclectically bad taste in music.

So, here’s how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie

The Greg Movie Experience

Opening Credits: Mrs. Robinson – The Lemonheads

Waking Up: Vaccination Scar – The Tragically Hip

First Day At School: Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off) – Parliment
Okay, Apparently it’s a very funky school. Maybe it’s PCU

Falling In Love: I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Frank Sinatra & Bono
Okay, that’s somewhat fitting.

Fight Song: Lust For Life – Iggy Pop

Breaking Up: I Love Not Loving You – Wide Mouth Mason

Prom: The Rainbow Connection – Kermit The Frog
It ain’t ever easy bein’ green.

Life: Le Tango de Roxanne – Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

Mental Breakdown: Gouge Away – Pixies
Hehehehe. That’s amusing.

Driving: D is For Dangerous – The Arctic Monkeys

Flashback: Afterglow – INXS

Getting Back Together: Rain Will Fall – I Mother Earth

Wedding: I.O.U – Metric

Birth of Child: If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It) – AC/DC
Hehe. Apparently it’s a messy birth.

Final Battle: The Pretender – Foo Fighters

Death Scene: If I Ever Leave This World Alive – Flogging Molly

Funeral Song: Eulogy – Tool

End Credits: Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House
Couldn’t end on a better note

Heh. Consistency is not one of my strong suits. This one is much like my life, all over the map. Oh well, rather enjoyable nonetheless.

Wheee Snow!

Well, it’s now the 22nd of April and as of today we’ve seen nearly 40cm of snow since Saturday. Of course with the wind that means it’s drifted up to twice that in some places. It’s absolutely crazy and even as I type this it’s still snowing outside. Driving to work tomorrow morning is going to be absolutely hell. Joy. Apparently people are incapable of remembering how to drive in the snow even though it wasn’t that long ago that we had some. I am reminded daily that people are idiots!

I was looking forward to spring with such enthusiasm especially when temperatures last weekend were hovering at +20°C and then it turns around and drops to -9°C with a -10° wind chill. Guh. I was ready to take my bike out of storage, give it a quick tune up and find some puddles to splash into but I guess that will have to wait until this crap all melts. Here’s hoping that’s soon. I really need the exercise.

Alright. I was going to stay up and watch a movie while I did a load of laundry but my eyes are drooping so I think I’ll just forgo that until tomorrow.

A Bit of Mindless Fun

Well, it’s been a fun weekend. The novelty of having a computer again still hasn’t worn off. I’m surfing randomly and trying to rebuild my bookmarks and links while also playing catch up with the sites that I haven’t had access to in the past 6 months. It’s bliss, glorious bliss.

Of course, once I had a working computer again one of the first things that I did was… no, not porn you dirty minded buggers. No, I downloaded the last couple of episodes from this season of Doctor Who! Yay geeky me. It was glorious.

Next was to go through all the fun and stupid links that people sent me.

I’m blaming my friend Tamara for these ones.

First up is a mindless little flash video that gave me a giggle.

Next up is Tokyo Plastic. An odd little Japanese site filled with modern and digital art. It’s not so much a website but an experience. Explore it, it’s rather unique and interesting.

There’s one more link that I can’t find at the moment that I really must share. it’s someone’s breakfast, ham and eggs and toast and bacon, transforming into a mecha like robot and dancing… it’s hillarious. When I find it I will post it. Until then, just imagine the cheesey goodness of that idea in your head.

That’s all from me for now. Back to surfing for cool schtuffz0r.

I Can Haz Laptop!

And my toy arrived bright and early this morning. Thankfully my dog likes to bark at the doorbell or I wouldn’t have heard the courier, but I did and I now have a fancy new toy. Yay. I’m currently upgrading the software and tweaking it to remove as many traces of Internet Exploder that I possibly can. Firefox all the way baby!

The speed of this thing is glorious. Copying my whole 10GB of songs on my ipod amounted to a whole 5 minutes as opposed to the hour or so it took before. This rocks. Now I am sitting here, getting comfortable with the keyboard layout and downloading all the mail that I’ve received since I last had a functioning computer back in September. Anyone care to take a guess as to how many messages that I have (not including deleted messages and spam)?

No, higher than that. I now have a total of 2887 Messages in my inbox since Sept. Go me!

Anyway. I need to start patching WoW. That will sadly take all afternoon using Blizzard’s useless updater. Oh well. I’m back online. The little things like that don’t bother me at all any more.

*happy dance*

Twitching The Night Away

So here I sit, hopefully for the last (or at the very least the penultimate) time at this keyboard on this crappy computer waiting desperately for my own new toy to arrive. I keep hoping that it will arrive soon. For the past two days I’ve gone to work hoping that I’d come home and there it would be, exhultant in all it’s glory but have been disappointed both days. Tomorrow perhaps is what I keep telling myself. I hope it’s here before the weekend though so as I can spend time setting things up and then come Monday on my day off, I can actually play on it.

Can you tell I was never any good at Christmas?

Anyway, since I’m bored and trying to amuse (read distract) myself from my lack of computational goodness, I’ve been surfing the web randomly looking for things to amuse and delight.

Tonight I came across this fun little article and accompanying photo that paints an interesting picture about Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica. I guess this means I need to hurry up and finish watching season three. I have one more disk to go and then I’ll be a whole two episodes behind by the time my comp gets here… but thanks the the wonders of modern torrent sites, I’ll be able to catch up on them (and Doctor Who) soon enough.

On that note, I’m off to stumble around the web some more looking for something shiny to distract and amuse me.

G’night for now.

Literary Smartassery

While I haven’t read any Hal Duncan as of yet, I have decided that he’s next on my list of books to read based solely on his response to a bit of hate mail he received in his inbox the other day.

Maybe it’s just the literary geek in me but anyone who can tear someone a new arsehole so eloquently and with such erudition deserves to be read if you ask me.

For the complete story, I direct you thusly. Enjoy.

A Miscellany

Just a brief and mindless couple of comments tonight as I’m sick as a dog and nursing the mother of all colds.


Snot should not be virulent yellow. At least I have two days off to enjoy my NyQuil. Yup, it’s green death fucking flavour. *grin*

Err, anyways, before I go off on my Denis Leary Nyquil homage I am happy to announce that my Laptop shipped today… about an hour ago actually according to my email, so here’s hoping that come monday morning I have a shnazzy new toy to play with. I don’t have a shipping # yet though so I can’t obsessively track it to find out where it is and when exactly it will get here.

In other news… WTF?!?!? Honestly, just WHAT. THE. FUCK?

Also Here are some hillarious muppet bloopers!

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In sickness and in…

… Well, just sickness really.

I’ve been nursing the mother of all colds over the last few days and I absolutely feel like death warmed over. My tonsils and adenoids are all swollen up and I could barely swallow this morning, let alone talk. Last night my nose started dripping like a faucet and is now rudolph like in it’s appearance from all the constant use of kleenex. Thankfully I haven’t started coughing up a lung yet *knock on wood* though I suspect that’s the next thing on my plague checklist. Guh.

Just Guh I say! I hate being sick. I haven’t had a decent written thought in about a week now. It sucks though I’m trying to soldier on.

And despite all this I’m still fully functional and can (and will) be working tonight. This is why I hate being sick probably more than anything. I’m never completely knocked flat on my ass with a cold and I never call in sick. Damn my work ethic. Dammitalltohell.

On the bright side my computer is being built and is due to arrive on the 15th, and I have a friend who informs me that they usually get things out a week before the estimated ship date so I may get lucky and have some electronic goodness and joy by next week. Here’s hoping at least. It’s something to look forward to. Then I can stop using this piece of crap with it’s gestapo firewall and internet blinders and actually be able to visit sites that I haven’t seen for 6 months.

I really hate firewalls. Actually no, check that. I really hate other people deciding what I can and cannot view online.

Okay. I do believe it’s time to jump in the shower and take some meds before work. Guh… video store on a friday night when you’re sick… just shoot me now.