Look Out Intarwebz… I’m baaack!

Well, sort of… or at least I will be soon.

After many long months I have finally fixed my computer woes.

*does the happy dance*

While I’ve been slowly buying pieces for my desktop over the past couple of months, I’ve kept running into the inevitable problem of bills creeping out of the woodwork and generally not having what I need when I need it… Okay, okay. The $400 dollar spending spree on Books, DVDs and CDs last month didn’t help either but that’s not the point. Well, maybe it is, but I’m just going to move on and hope no one calls me on it. *grin*.

Anyway. I’ve been rebuilding the desktop when I can but I’ve been eyeing a decent laptop more and more as the days go by. They’re just as powerful these days and I’ve always wanted one in addition to the desktop because it would give me the mobility to write and game anywhere.

This past weekend I decided to do some window shopping and did the usual “Dream computer builder” on the various sites out there and realized that what the hell. They’re a good deal. I can afford the monthly payments, let’s see what they have to offer. Long story short, I should have my fancy new Dell XPS M1730 by mid month and then I can still rebuild my desktop and then at some point I’ll be able to Dual box WOW and can finally justify having two accounts *grin*.

There is much rejoicing… and I only owe a little tiny bit of my soul. I can’t wait for my digital joy to arrive! I am such a geek. Go me!

I’ll include the specs under the cut for those of you who’re interested. The rest can just assume the post ends here *grin*

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