Obligatory Familial Gloating

I am now an uncle.

Yeah… I’m scared too. I thought Hell seemed overly chilly this morning when I got up, I guess I now know why.

My sister gave birth to a 6 lb. 3oz. baby boy about 20 minutes ago. The guilty party is going by the name Evan Sebastian _____ (spelling to be confirmed).

Pictures will follow at some point, including some with me most likely looking like a deer in the headlights.

Edit: There are now some pics under the cut

My Nephew Evan   My Nephew Evan   My Nephew Evan

2 thoughts on “Obligatory Familial Gloating

  1. Go team!

    Still, the McFalls don’t have an heir. You and Colin need to get to work.

    He’s not quite as cute as Dannan, but he’ll do. 😉 Pass on my compliments to your sister for her fine handiwork.

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