I R Employed!

Just a short note today. Busy being me so I can’t be bothered to go into much detail, but I heard this morning that I got the job. Yay for better pay and hopefully a work environment that’s more fun and conducive to my egomaniacal lifestyle. I start Monday.

No, I’m not telling you where I work so don’t bother asking. While I’ve accepted, it still isn’t real to me until I sign all the usual paperwork and go through the regular company indoctrination and propaganda rituals so I’m holding off until then.

Now, does it make me a bad person that I’m looking forward to telling my (soon to be) old boss to get bent?

3 thoughts on “I R Employed!

  1. I would say yes, but so are we.

    But we won’t, because burning bridges is stupid if it’s an extended job in a foreign country that you might want to return to work in the same field.

    In your case, though, Amanda says “Burn, baby, burn! And don’t leave any evidence.”

  2. @ Amanda: You rock! I will indeed and There won’t be evidence, but there will be pictures… and possibly pie and cake too!

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