Can You Identify This?

I find this is a very cool and interesting image. Do you know what it is?

Mystery Image

I’ll give you until Friday and then post the answer in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Can You Identify This?

  1. Bah… since you’re technically half-right in both answers I’ll give it to you. Almighty Bob be damneded.

    and I quote from the blurb at the bottom of

    …eclipse of the Sun by Jupiter, as viewed from Galileo…

    Personally I think it looks like some new logo for Heroes or something.

  2. It really wasn’t that hard to figure out…I just thought neat image, Greg likes the stars, probably a satellite image. So I checked the site you visit and there it was. Simple hehe I could stalk you… 😛

  3. See, I figured that it was an eclipse of some sort, but I didn’t really want to cheat and see what the eclipse was of.

    But, yeah, I thought it would make a cool new Heroes logo.

  4. are you calling me a cheater??? Actually what first came to my mind was a James Bond intro. I was waiting for the bullets to start flying and the naked women to start flailing. 😛

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