A Sci-Fi Resurrection Poll

I’m in a mindless mood, so all you’re getting is a mindless post and then I’m going back to doodling on my map some more — which I’ve redone yet again since my last post. No there aren’t any pictures yet and yes, I am twelve thankyouverymuch, now fuck off1.

Err, where was I?

Oh yes, the poll. It’s not mine but I agree with the end result wholeheartedly. Farscape was a very close second and I’d have the original Stargate as a write in 3rd place vote just cause it’s that damn cool but only if Richard Dean Anderson came back full time.

1 See Amanda, I even type it now and again.

And on that note, I’m adding my own new poll which I’m blatantly plagiarizing from Irregular Webcomic (apologies to Mr. Morgan-Mar) just cause it’s bloody amusing to my tiny brain.


6 thoughts on “A Sci-Fi Resurrection Poll

  1. I’m sorry Greg but I’m just not feeling that one. I think you’re trying too hard…but I will note it to appease you. *takes out little memo pad and jots down “1/2 hearted attempt to validate himself” dated today*

  2. I got Doctor Who back, so I don’t really care about anything on this list.

    If I was to get any of those back, I would want MST3K, but I like the write in vote of Space: Above and Beyond too.

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