10 thoughts on “Department of Well Meaning Cluelessness

  1. Watching anime (fan-subbed or otherwise) is one of the few things I don’t do. I had heard it before and knew it meant something though, just not what.

    Personally I’m sticking with my chicken translation as it goes with my craving for a nice chicken sandwich right about now.

    And on an aside… I’m rather glad that the image link plugin I added worked as intended. Hooray!

  2. Just to clarify, ‘baka’ means idiot, but it also can mean idiotic, or stupid.

    Amanda wasn’t calling you stupid (though she might have been after your response). The term can also refer to a situation or a person’s choice.

  3. Leave it to Jon to clarify my clarification. He is exactly correct. Find the anime you need to watch. There should be some kind of quiz to determine which anime a certain personality should view. From what little I know of Greg I’d guess he needs to see…

    Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    But then everyone needs to see that in the same way everyone should read Sandman.

    So that leaves…

    Love Hina.

    I don’t know. Greg just seems like the harem type of guy.

  4. I know that he didn’t like Ranma, so I think that probably eliminates Love Hina.

    I think Cowboy Bebop or Trigun might be more his thing.

    Possibly FMA.

    And Amanda recommends Ghost in the Shell, of course.

  5. WTF!?!? A dingo ate my baby!

    (I know I responded to Jon’s post from the 7th and now it’s gone. Bah humbug! It even referenced Legend of the Overfiend’s proclivity for tentacle porn. I’m dissapointed now and will redo it here… sans Overfiend references.)

    Amanda is more than welcome to brand me an idiot Jon. I revel in the label. 😛

    I stand by my dislike of all things anime however. Call it personal mental aversion brought on by too many years in the Warp & Outland trenches catering to the bad side of the hardcore fan base. I refuse to call them Otaku though. For me that name is and always will be synonymous with part of the Decker subculture in Shadowrun.

    While I’m not a fan, and I doubtfully will ever be (so you can stop trying to suggest things – hint hint), I do respect the art form and I believe it is valid, and I have even liked various movies that I watched and comics that I read; Akira will always be a personal fav, and I have enjoyed reading the occasional Appleseed and Battle Angel: Alita comics. Hell I even liked parts of Overfiend (So much for not mentioning it).

    My distaste stems not so much the work itself as the subculture that it spawned and to me I really can’t see one without the other due to my past interaction. Separating the two is something I just can’t be bothered doing at this point so rather than try, I’m going to keep my personal prejudices. 😛

    Also Jon. you are correct, I do dislike Ranma, but not for the reasons you may think. I have, in fact, never watched an episode of the show and never will. I won’t watch it because there was a point when my friends ALL went mad for it and became fanboys themselves (like slavering, rabid dog fanboys out of my worst Warp/Outland nightmares) and I just wasn’t interested. All they did day in and out for a few months was talk about it which was really fine by me. Live and let live as they say. I wasn’t interested but they were and that was cool enough. They even bought the occasional book from me at the store so I wasn’t going to complain. What wasn’t cool though was the constant and consistent badgering that I received about it. Telling me that “I HAD to watch it!” and that it “was the best thing ever!”. They didn’t let up and it pissed me off and wasn’t cool. Call me a stubborn ass, but no one tells me what I have to watch. So I haven’t… and won’t. End of story.

  6. I’m also greatly amused that a picture about religious ignorance has spawned such an offbeat topic as anime. Score one for utter randomness! Hail Eris!

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