Virtual Housecleaning

You may or may not have noticed that I did a little bit of virtual housecleaning on the blog tonight. I cleared all my Categories and Tags with the intent to go through all 630 odd posts (Is that all? That seems low!) that I’ve made in the past 5 (almost 6) years and reorganize them into something resembling… err well, something anyway. Knowing me as well as I do however, I suspect what will be a one, or possibly two night task will end up dragging on for about three months before I eventually give up and start retagging everything willy-nilly.

Either way, you’ve been warned. Carry on.

PS — It’s finally snowing outside right now. ROCK THE FUCK ON!

6 thoughts on “Virtual Housecleaning

  1. ROFL. I’m siding with Mark on this one Amanda even though I’ve never met either of you, though calling me Greggyboy does factor into my decision somewhat.

    Also, Mark. I’ve gone ahead and added you to my Blogroll. We seem to stalk each other back and forth enough these days to warrant a direct link.

  2. oh sure, side with Mark…geez. Can I help it if I wasn’t born a night hawk….and for the record I called you Greggyboy as I was 1/2 asleep… either way :”P

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