5 thoughts on “Readability?

  1. Heh, I came out as elementary school!

    Not a very thorough test, I’m thinking.

    It probably just takes into account the most recent post or, at most, the front page.

  2. I think it’s the first page. It must be doing a word count or word length count. I went back and parsed it on a few different pages and came up with Junior High and Elementary myself.

    It’s like all internet finds, take it with a grain of salt.

  3. Well, since I got the Undergrad level I’m not complaining although I agree the test probably has more to do with five and ten dollar words than “readability”. I assume my own page scored so high due to words like revisionist, Marxist, feminism, and patriarchy being permanently on the front page.

    It might also be worth taking a gander at the code too. Looks like there’s a link to a cash advance site in it. Weird.

  4. I’m still insulted.

    It looks like it’s time for another critical analysis of a bit of popular fiction. Or something.

    Then again, I’ve read some major author (I believe it was The Neil) who said that the ideal reading level of a work of mainstream fiction should be somewhere around grade five or six, so that’s probably good.

    Then again, my blog isn’t exactly a work of mainstream anything.

  5. @ Mark: You’re probably right. Perhaps it’s using Scrabble scoring for words. As for that the Cash Advance link. I saw it and stripped the code when I posted my link.

    @Jon: I’m a little insulted as well, but surprisingly the more I think about it the more I can live with it. Being High School, or even Junior High is okay with me.

    Let’s face it, that’s the level of fiction that hooked me on reading when I was young (Eddings, Feist, etc.) so it is my comfort food so to speak and what I aim for with my own paltry attempts. I’d rather write some fun pablum enjoyed by many people than something highbrow that’s only enjoyed by a few.

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