The Hobbit… An Alternate Take

As most of you know, New Line Cinemas is currently embroiled in a legal scuffle with director Peter Jackson over monies generated by a little trilogy known as Lord of The Rings, you might have heard of it. As an offshoot of this disagreement, New Line decided that they didn’t want Peter directing the prequel movie, The Hobbit, much to the outraged dismay of legions of rabid Tolkien fans everywhere (myself included).

I stumbled across this little gem somewhere a few days ago (no clue on it’s source anymore) and thought I should share. Here’s one take on how the movie might look if a lesser director was at the helm with the studio execs pulling the strings.


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Extreme Waste of Time

Here’s a pretty fun little waste of time to remind you all of the gorefest that is Halloween. Just when you thought the idea of hanging a stick-man stranger for the shortcomings in your vocabulary was gruesome enough, I present to you… Hangman Extreme! *insert ominous sound effect or maniacal laughter here*

(Warning: Contains stick person violence, paper-and-ink gore and *gasp* words!)
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