I am almost loathe to admit this. I like statistics.

I like studying the breakdown of populations, discovering different aspects of how they spend their lives and the like. I’ve never been particularly fond of math, my strengths have always lain along the artistic path, but I do have some skill at it so I guess that may account for some of my fascination. I’m particularly drawn to the percentages and breakdowns shown on my webpage, probably because they have a direct relationship to me and in a sense are part of the whole ego-centric idea of webpages in general.

So with that in mind, here are some of the odd stats gathered by those information miners over at google regarding this little font of narcissism that I call home.

In the past 30 days:

It’s good to know that 63.13% of you are smart enough to use Firefox. I’m equally as disenheartened to realize that 27.5% are still using that god forsaken browser known as Internet Exploder. 5% of you use Netscape (hey kids it’s Firefox with bloatware), 4.06% are using Safari and only a measly 0.31% are using Opera.

43.75% of my visitors are Canadian. 28.44% are from Japan which scares me because I only know 2 people there. Only 21.56% come from the US. 1.88% from the UK and Australia, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Chile, South Korea, Bulgaria (probably Viktor Krum), Greece, Belgium and Serbia all show up with under 1% each. I could break it down by city, but I’m sure you all know where you live already so I won’t bother (but I know where you live now too. Muwhahahaha)

Unsurprisingly 91.25% of you use Windows. 5% are using a Mac and 3.75% don’t know what they’re using.

The average time spent on the site is 2 minutes and 48 seconds.

My most popular page is still my story of my recent hospital ordeal.

Most of my referral traffic comes from the RSS feed on Facebook (not surprised by this at all), The rest comes from random places so I’m not going to embarass those involved.

Okay, I think I have exhausted all the possibilities of this exercise for the moment. I suppose I’ll have to do it again in a month just to compare.